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Easy Focaccia Pizza Recipe with Moreish Triple Cream Ash Brie

Image by Foodie Ling

Focaccia is known and loved as a delicious Italian bread, so versatile and flavoursome there is no wonder it’s a family favourite. Traditionally focaccia is a yeasted bread, flavoured with olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper.

Yet the versatility of focaccia lends itself to many more exciting flavour combinations. Not only can you make packed focaccia sandwiches full of delicious fillings and lightly toast to get the taste buds salivating, but given the flat nature to this bread style, it works perfectly as a base for delicious pizza toppings!

Foodie Ling is partial to a good focaccia recipe and shares with us one of her favourites, pizza focaccia, combining two traditional fan favourites of the culinary world; bread and pizza! However, this recipe is particularly good for those wanting a fuss-free showstopper. Focaccia can be a two-day exercise to make from scratch, so Ling advises to simply buy some focaccia dough to skip the hassle and get right to the good part, the toppings!

This boutique-style pizza focaccia features deliciously gooey Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Triple Cream Ash Brie, sweet and contrasting cranberry sauce, and salty bacon making it a moreish flavour explosion.

Image by Foodie Ling

Focaccia Pizza Recipe with Triple Cream Ash Brie

Recipe by Foodie Ling

1 slab of focaccia 

3 tbsp plum chutney

2 tbsp cranberry sauce

140g of Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Triple Cream Ash Brie

1 full rasher of bacon

200g baby spinach leaves

Olive oil for frying bacon

• Slice the bacon into thin strips and pan fry in some oil until lightly browned. 

• Blanch the baby spinach leaves in water for about 2 minutes just until they are wilted. Drain well and set aside. You can substitute with frozen spinach but make sure you squeeze excess liquid out first.

• Cut the Paris Creek Farms Triple Cream Ash Brie into slices and we are ready to assemble our focaccia pizza!

• Spread plum chutney in a thin layer evenly across the top of the focaccia as we don’t want it to be too wet. 

• Evenly place cooked bacon strips across the top followed by an even arrangement of brie slices. Spread the blanched spinach between the cheese slices as pictured and finish with little dollops of cranberry sauce. 

• Bake in the oven top rack at 180°C for 10 minutes or until cheese is partly melted. 

Slice up and enjoy!

Note:  if you don’t have chutney just use extra cranberry sauce as the base. 

And there you have it! The perfect dish for entertaining or family gatherings. Don’t forget to tag us in your recreations! @pariscreekfarms

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