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Homemade Labneh Made in 3 Easy Steps Using Greek Style Yoghurt.

Hands up if you like cheese! It’s one of life’s guilty pleasures. Cheese comes in all shapes and sizes, hard, soft, creamy, aged, or fresh. No doubt you’re a fan of an irresistible gooey Brie such as Paris Creek Farms Bio-Dynamic Triple Cream Brie or a sharp, aged hard cheese such as Paris Creek Farms Bio-Dynamic Homestyle Cheddar.

Yet chances are you haven’t tried Labneh before. For those of you that haven’t tried Labneh, it is a deliciously creamy, Middle Eastern-style cheese that can be likened to cream cheese or cottage cheese in consistency.[1]

Often served for breakfast on toast with fruit or as a snack to keep you satisfied throughout the day,[2] Labneh is also commonly enjoyed as a dip and can be served with a drizzle of olive oil, a squirt of lemon and a touch of spice such as paprika for a flavour explosion!

Entertaining guests? Imagine serving them a deliciously creamy cheese, handmade by you! It’s easier than you might think… made using a thick and creamy Greek style yoghurt such as Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Plain Yoghurt and a few other essential ingredients you can find in your kitchen pantry.

Ready to get started?

Step one: gather the essentials

Image via Rouba’s

Labneh is created by straining yoghurt, which gives it a tangy and saltier favour profile than traditional cream cheese.

To strain the Greek yoghurt a cheesecloth is required. However, if you don’t have a cheesecloth handy, a new Chux cloth will do the same job!

Also prepare a sieve and mixing bowl to ensure your straining station is prepared before getting started.

Step two: Make your Labneh 

Image via Rouba’s

Epicurious shows us how to re-create their Labneh in a simple step-by-step process.


6 – 8 Servings

2 cups Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

1/2 cup (or more) good-quality extra-virgin olive oil

3 tablespoons finely minced fresh herbs (such as tarragon, parsley, and chives)

1/2 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Line a large sieve with your cheesecloth; set over a medium deep bowl. Place the yoghurt in the sieve. Gather edges of the cheesecloth to cover the yoghurt. Place in refrigerator and let drain for 2-3 days.

Gently squeeze out any excess liquid; discard liquid in the bowl (the yoghurt should be thick and resemble soft goats’ cheese).

Step Three: garnish and serve

Image via Rouba’s

Roll your Labneh into ¾ inch balls to garnish and serve as cheese, or place into a dish to serve immediately as a spread for breakfast. Alternatively, place straight into a glass jar and store for up to 2 weeks.

To garnish and serve the cheese balls: Whisk oil, herbs, and lemon zest in a small bowl to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Pour over yoghurt balls in a container. Cover and place in the refrigerator and let them marinate for at least 8 hours for maximum flavour!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your handy work.

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[1] Roubas Kitchen Diary, The Most Creative Ways to Eat Your Homemade Labneh, 2020

[2] Roubas Kitchen Diary, The Most Creative Ways to Eat Your Homemade Labneh, 2020

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