Our milk helps fight climate change

At Paris Creek Farms Organic Dairy, we do things a little differently… and we’re proud of it!

As one of Australia’s largest bio-dynamic organic dairies, we put Mother Nature first and are truly passionate about creating locally sourced organic dairy products that are not only delicious but sustainably produced, too. All our wonderfully creamy 100% organic milk, butter, cheese, quark and yogurt are made using fresh South Australian milk from carbon neutral dairy farms. This rich, luscious milk is delivered fresh to our facility in Paris Creek, near Meadows in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, where it is expertly crafted into the award-winning products you know and love.

Our products contain nothing artificial: no chemicals, no pesticides or preservatives, and absolutely no Genetic Modification. We let the natural splendour of our dairy products shine, so you can enjoy Paris Creek Farms’ delicious taste knowing you’re doing the right thing by your body, as well as the environment.

We’re proud to source our 100% bio-dynamic organic milk from carbon neutral South Australian dairy farms. Our dairy farmers abide by the principles of bio-dynamic organic farming, which is one of the most regenerative, sustainable farming methodologies around.

Our farmers also have fewer cows per hectare than other, larger dairies, which further helps to lower our overall emissions. These cows are 100% free range, and graze happily amongst our farmers’ beautifully lush, South Australian pastures. But, while our dairy farms have lower carbon footprints than the average dairy farm, our sustainability journey doesn’t stop there.

Our commitment to promoting the health, wellbeing and future of our environment continues as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint even further, all the way down to net zero!

Our Sustainability Journey



Identifying Our Carbon Footprint

The first step in our journey was understanding what the  current carbon footprint is of each of our South Australian dairy farmers, which required them to be audited by Pangolin & Associates.


Carbon Credits

After determining our carbon footprint, some of our farms were already carbon neutral in their own right, and we then purchased carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions of our remaining dairy farmers. Paris Creek Farms purchased carbon credits from both Australian regenerative projects as well as projects overseas.


Soil Testing on Dairy Farms

To strive to have all our dairy farmers carbon neutral in their own right, we have now started measuring the carbon in each of our farmer’s soil and in 12 months’ time, we will be able to assess the carbon impact of the regenerative farming practices that they use.  These carbon credits, along with other projects such as tree planting, will help the farmers become carbon neutral in their own right.


Paris Creek Farms Facility Audit

As well as determining the impact of our South Australian dairy farms, we will also be assessing the carbon footprint of the Paris Creek Farms processing facility. Located just outside of Meadows in the lush Adelaide Hills, our artisanal facility where our team of experts lovingly craft our 100% organic dairy products will also be audited. This auditing process will determine our carbon footprint and what we can do to reduce our emissions.


Reducing Our Farmer’s Carbon Footprints

We will then work hand-in-hand with our bio-dynamic organic dairy farmers to continue to develop action plans to further reduce their emissions as well as put in place plans to reduce the emissions from our processing facility, with some of our power already coming from solar panels installed a few years ago.


Assessing Our Progress

We will continue to update everyone on our progress as we move further down our sustainability path, so make sure you check in with us from time to time!

Building a Strong Future for Future Generations

Here at Paris Creek Farms Organic Dairy, we are jumping into this sustainability journey with both feet. By transforming the practices within our farms and facility, we aim to create an entirely carbon neutral process from farm gate to plate, and do our part to help to build a healthy, prosperous future for generations to come.

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