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Australian Women’s Cricket Star Darcie Browns’ Go-To Pre-Training Smoothie Recipe.

Starting your day with a smoothie is one of the best ways to consume a large amount of nutrients in one meal or snack, plus smoothies are great to take on the go with you if you are time poor.  

Darcie Brown, Australian Women’s Cricket Fast Bowler and Paris Creek Farms Brand Ambassador, is an avid fan of smoothies packed full of fruit and high protein Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt. “I love making smoothies as a pre-training snack or to start my day as it’s super simple and very quick and easy to make while I’m running out the door to training.” Says Darcie.

Some of the benefits of consuming smoothies regularly include[1]:

  • Increases your consumption of fruits and vegetables in one sitting
  • Increases your daily protein intake (when made with Greek style yogurt or other high protein ingredients)
  • Increases your fibre intake
  • Can provide a nutritional balance of fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  • They taste delicious and are an easy on-the-go meal!

One of the great advantages of a smoothie is you can put almost anything in them! Mixing fruits and vegetables, protein powders, nuts and various vitamin and mineral powders makes for a great way to customise a smoothie to your liking whilst getting a good hit of nutrients to fuel you for the day ahead.

Darcie loves to make her pre-training and game day smoothies with thick and creamy Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt as it’s high in protein and probiotics to keep her feeling fuller for longer, giving her the power and energy she needs to perform at her best and aid in her recovery thanks to a dose of 1 billion CFU of live multi-strain probiotics and 4.2g of protein in every serve. “I get a good protein hit which is perfect for after training or games to recover quicker.” Says Darcie.

Darcie Browns’ Go-To Pre-Training Smoothie Recipe:



  • Place all ingredients into a blender and pulse until well combined, thick and creamy and of a good drinkable consistency
  • Enjoy!

Darcie explains it’s crucial to eat a healthy and protein filled breakfast in the morning help get her through training and games. “It allows me to recover quickly to perform at my best and also help with my injury prevention so I can have a long-lasting career!” Says Darcie.

Drinking smoothies is a sure-fire way to increase your protein and nutrient intake and as a bonus, it tastes great! All the more reason to add smoothies into your daily routine like Darcie.

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[1] What happens to your body when you drink a smoothie everyday, Majid Chauri,

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