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6 Perfect Wine Pairings for Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Organic Cheese

Cheese and wine have gone hand in hand for centuries, but with today’s ever-increasing options, the pairing decisions can be staggering. This list breaks down the perfect wine pairings for 6 of your favourite Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Organic Cheeses.

Lucky for you, Gemtree Wines Chief Winemaker Mike Brown has done the (oh so very) hard work of tasting all the delicious cheeses from our South Australian bio-dynamic dairy farms, to create sinfully indulgent cheese and wine pairings with a bio-dynamic twist.

Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Home Style Cheddar

Mild, with low acidity, the delightful creaminess of this cheese calls out for something rustic.

When paired with an earthy, medium-bodied red, the slightly crumbly texture of the cheese is balanced out perfectly across the palate, allowing the pair to work together rather than fight for attention individually.

We recommend eating this mellow and pleasant-tasting cheese with a high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon blend, with silky tannins.

Recommended pairing:

Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Swiss Style Cheese

Sharp and salty with high acidity. The calcium salt crystals lift the cheese with a delightful hint of crunch and contribute to the overall umami flavour.

A deliciously moreish cheese that would disappear first on a platter! The oak in a top-shelf Shiraz pairs well with the texture, but it’s the sweetness from the fruit flavours that will even everything out so that the cheese and wine finish at the same time in your mouth.

We recommend eating this cheese with a top-shelf Shiraz – something elegant and balanced that gives a hint of sweet plums and soft spices.

Recommended pairing:

Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Gouda

Subtle and creamy with nuttiness at the back of the mouth. Very low in acidity, with a rich aroma and slightly sweet flavour.

This cheese requires a wine that creates a vibrancy and zestiness in your mouth that cleanses, refreshes and cuts through that delectable creaminess.

We recommend eating this cheese as a pre-dinner snack, paired with a crisp, dry Rose (served below 8 degrees Celsius) that will bring just the right amount of complexity to create a winning combination.

Recommended pairing:

Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Greek Style Fetta

The loose texture of this cheese allows the flavour to wash across the palate, bringing just enough salt and a savoury flavour all the way to the back of the mouth.

This fetta deserves to be considered in the context of a beautiful salad with olives, aged balsamic and fresh basil leaves.

We recommend pairing it with a textural zesty white wine like a Fiano (or similar) to bring richness and a grippy texture to the party. 

Recommended pairing:

Paris Creek farms Bio-dynamic Triple Cream Camembert

When served at room temperature, the great richness, sweetness and mushroom flavour of this cheese is accentuated.

To balance the delicious creaminess and acidity of the Camembert, you need something perfectly sweet, fruity and low in tannin.

We recommend eating this with a McLaren Vale Grenache that brings gorgeous raspberries and juiciness to the palate.

Recommended pairing:

Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Triple Cream Brie

This cheese has a rich buttery flavour with a deliciously indulgent finish.

We recommend pairing this with an aged Shiraz that will bring the right softness through low oak and fruit flavours. Think currants, cacao and nutmeg.

Recommended pairing:

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Bio-dynamic is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition. Think organic but more sustainable and even better tasting!

The products are also free from genetic modification and contain nothing artificial, no pesticides, herbicides and certainly no chemicals.

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