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5 Savoury Recipes to Make Using Organic Greek Style Yogurt

Image via Taste

Often when we think of making anything using Greek style yogurt, we think of sweet classics such as crunchy granola and fresh fruit or a delicious fruit smoothie, not to mention family favourites such as yogurt cakes and ice-creams.

But what if you don’t have a sweet tooth, yet want to reap the health rewards of adding a regular serving of organic Greek style yogurt into your diet? Luckily there are plenty of deliciously rich and morish savoury dishes that call on the creaminess of an organic Greek style yogurt.

We have rounded up 5 of our favourite savoury recipes featuring a generous serving of organic Greek style yogurt to ensure you and your family can still enjoy regular servings of this delicious and nutritious ingredient in the weekly lunch and dinner rotation.

1. Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

Image via Crème De La Crumb

Are you a fan of the family classic Pasta Alfredo, but not a fan of how heavy this traditional dish can be? Then check out this lighter option, the sauce is made using Greek style yogurt, giving you the same creamy flavour! Plus, this sauce base can be used in many different dishes, not just Pasta Alfredo.

Click here to view Crème De La Crumb and try the Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce for yourself

2. Lamb, Pea and Mint Lasagne

Image via Taste

This hearty winter dish will be sure to warm you throughout the colder months. Made with all the classic family flavours we know and love such as lamb and peas, this recipe uses creamy Greek style yogurt as the white sauce base instead of a roux, adding an extra touch of creamy and nutritional goodness!

Click here to visit Taste and view the Lamb, Pea and Mint Lasagne recipe.

3. Warm Zucchini and Haloumi Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Image via Taste

Fancy a side salad that’s more of a centrepiece? Then give this recipe a go! Warm and indulgent with a creamy Greek style yogurt dressing, it’s the perfect choice for entertaining or a delicious weekday lunch.

Click here to visit Taste to view the Warm Zucchini and Haloumi Salad with Yogurt Dressing.

4. Spiced Marinated Lamb Chops with Garlicky Yogurt

Image via Bon Appetit

This one is sure to get you salivating! If you’re a fan of a good Tzatziki, then you’re going to love this recipe for a garlicky yogurt that you’ll be looking to put on absolutely everything. Drizzle it on top of these morish marinated lamb chops for a dinner that will take you to Morocco.

Click here to visit Bon Appetit to view the Spiced Marinated Lamb Chops with Garlicky Yogurt recipe. 

5. Yogurt-Based Pizza Margherita

Image via Kidspot

This is a recipe the whole family can make together. Create this delicious, bouncy and crisp pizza base by adding Greek style yogurt and the kids won’t even know they are receiving an additional protein and calcium boost. 

Visit Kidspot to view this Yogurt-Based Pizza Margherita recipe.

And there you have it, organic Greek style yogurt isn’t only for breakfast parfaits and smoothies, it’s an incredibly versatile product that can be used in all kinds of meals to ensure you’re getting an additional boost of protein and calcium all while enjoying the deliciously thick and creamy flavour!

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