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How to Prepare the Perfect Cheese Platter

cheese platter

Whether you’re entertaining amongst friends or having a quiet night in, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful cheese platter to please your taste buds.

But, what’s the secret to creating the perfect cheese platter – one that’s full of delicious flavour, as well as being a feast for the eyes?

While the cheese is the undeniable hero of your cheese platter, you can build it to be as simple or as awe-inspiring as you’d like. Either way, if you keep these key cheese platter principles in mind, you’ll be in for a good time.

Platter with Australian made cheese and wine
Top tip: a bottle of wine is a cheese platter’s best friend.

Step 1: The Cheese.

It’s only fitting that we begin with the main event – the cheese! The trick to finding the perfect selection of cheeses is referring to the holy trinity of cheese: colour, shape, and texture. To make the perfect cheeseboard you are going to want 3-5 different cheeses with a range of these characteristics, depending on the number of people who’ll be enjoying it.

Different colours, shapes and textures keep your cheeseboard looking stylish, but we can’t forget flavour. Your selection of cheeses should include a mixture of flavours… perhaps a subtle, creamy brie, a deliciously crumbly cheddar, and maybe a stronger blue – if you’re so inclined. It’s also always a good idea to have at least one more mild cheese to suit all palates!

Step 2: Dips & Charcuterie

Now that you’ve got the most important part out of the way, it’s time to add some elements to complement your fantastic selection of cheese. You want these accompaniments to bring out the flavours in your cheese, not overpower them – so don’t go overboard.

Perhaps you’d like to add a dip or a spread for your guests to enjoy. To style your board, place the largest items first, allowing room to artfully position everything else around them. For your dips, place some small bowl onto your platter and fill with your favourites.

Now that you’ve got your cheese and dips sorted, you may wish to add some charcuterie elements. Of course, these are optional! If you choose to add meat, be sure to place them on a separate board or leave enough space between it and the cheese so the bold flavours don’t permeate your cheese.

When choosing a few meats to complement your cheese, think back to how you selected your cheeses. Especially if you have a variety of guests, you should aim to have at least something mild, and something more exciting. For example, you may choose to include chorizo and prosciutto, or something spicier if you’re feeling adventurous!

Step 3: Crackers & Bread

When it comes to choosing crackers for your cheese platter, you should be looking for something with a clean, sharp crunch to complement the textures of your cheese and other accompaniments.

You might choose to experiment with some more flavourful crackers, but be careful not to get crackers which will overpower the flavour of your cheeses. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, anything with dried fruit or nuts will pair beautifully with most cheese.

If crackers aren’t your forte, you may choose to do as the French do and serve your cheese with crusty bread. Beautifully crispy sourdough or baguettes are wonderful options, simply tear into small pieces and serve. While flavoured breads such as those with sesame seeds or with lots of herbs can sometimes overpower your cheese. However, breads with dried fruit, walnuts or olives are all great choices.

Step 4: Fruit & Nuts

Grazing box featuring cheese, crackers, fruit & nuts

While your board will start looking quite full by now, save room for some sprinklings of fruit and nuts. Adding fresh fruit and nuts brings a whole new level of colour and visual appeal to your platter, so feel free to scatter both generously across your platter.

Grapes are a classic go-to and act as a great palate cleanser between different types of cheese. However, the best rule of thumb is to get whatever you can find locally and in-season – these will have the best flavours and bring the most to the table.

And there you have it – all the essential elements to make a moreish cheeseboard that’s a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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