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Bio-dynamic farming: Where science meets magic

Someone famous (Isaac Asimov for the pernickety) once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Bio-dynamic farming reverses that. It uses ancient technology to create magic.

Bio-dynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming. Basically, we believe if you look after the land, the land will look after you.

We combine organic principles with unique preparations, soil enhancements and plant health to allow the farm itself to generate nutritious and healthy crops.

Whilst our techniques aren’t really magical, the results certainly are.

Pure, wholesome milk. Creamy textured yogurt. And a taste that will have your tonsils trilling.

So why did we follow the bio-dynamic yellow brick road? Click your heels together and read on.

The future of farming is the past

Bio-dynamic farming is almost 100 years old (get ready for a big party in 2024).

But the principles are ancient.

It involves treating the soil and crops as a single system and looking at that system in a holistic way. Some proponents even swear by an astrological sowing and planting calendar.

There are those who dismiss this as hocus pocus. But we’ve found that sprinkling a little pixie dust rather than artificial fertilizers on the land really works. And that’s why we take the hard road instead of the conventionally easy one.

Once you’ve tasted bio-dynamic dairy, and seen how a bio-dynamic farm respects the plants, the planet and the produce, there is no going back.

For us, it was literally life-changing.

Good isn’t good enough.

Like most bio-dynamic farmers, the world of organics was our entry point. Don’t get us wrong, organic is good. We would never settle for anything less. But when it comes to the food we eat, good isn’t good enough.

We take organic’s sustainable and natural approach to farming as a starting point. Then go much further. We believe our farms must be self-contained and self-sustaining to do this properly.

We’re also pickier. Bio-dynamic produce is only certified if it comes from a farm that’s bio-dynamic from the tip of its hat to the bottom of its gumboots. When you go bio-dynamic, you go all in.

Life is full of compromises, unless you are a bio-dynamic farmer

Bio-dynamics may be easy on the land, but it is hard on the farmer. Our lives would be much easier if only it weren’t for those darned non-negotiable principles.

Rather than chemicals, we are up to our elbows in… how can we put this delicately… bovine excretions. Cow poo for the less poetic. Used correctly, it is nature’s gift to nature.

You know how you compost at home? We do that every day, just on a slightly larger scale. You can pick the bio-dynamic farmer by the size of their arm muscles.

We create homeopathic preparations from animal, plant and mineral manure extracts and turn them into a spray. It’s called Dynamisation! It’s our secret sauce, if you like.

Bio-dynamicists are a diverse bunch. And so is our land. We believe plant diversity keeps the soil healthy. So we encourage a variety of plants to grow on uncultivated land, then mix up crops so they work in support of each other.

Then we rotate crops from field to field and nurture different animal species. We believe this encourages healthy soil, reduces parasites, and controls weeds and pests and raises our quality.

The world’s nicest revolution

We’re optimists. We’d love to say we’re the future of farming. But even we think that’s a bit too dewy-eyed.

Bio-dynamic is much harder than conventional farming.

You need to be committed (and some think we should be).

In spite of that there is a quiet revolution underway. Simply because the benefits are so obvious once you taste them.

And we’re right here helping South Australian farmers make the change.

Bio-dynamic farming is now practiced throughout the world, and Australia is a big part of the movement.

If you’d like to find out why we do what we do, simply visit your nearest stockist. One sip. One scoop. One mouthful. That’s all you’ll need to become a convert too.

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