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The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast: Overnight Oats Recipe

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A nutritious breakfast can be a challenge to fit in around work and family life. It may even be the last step in your morning routine or worst, missed all together!

There is no question a nutritious breakfast will kickstart your day, its re-fuels your body after a night-long fast and provides you with the mental clarity to tackle whatever your day is sure to bring.  A healthy and considered breakfast can also contribute to your overall wellbeing. We’re sure you don’t need any more convincing breakfast is a must!

To make life easier, we have broken down what constitutes a healthy breakfast and included a quick, easy and delicious recipe sure to become a staple in your routine.

The benefits of a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast gives you the best chance to conquer your day with the fuel your body and mind requires.

Let us breakdown the benefits for you; adults who report eating a daily breakfast are more likely to[1]

  • Consume more vitamins and minerals in their daily diet
  • Have more control over their weight
  • Regulate their blood sugar levels
  • Perform better at work through increased mental clarity

The elements of a healthy breakfast

So, what constitutes as a healthy breakfast? It’s important to ensure your morning meal contains elements of nutrition that when combined, creature a powerhouse morning meal. 

  • Whole Grains: This category includes wholegrain breads and bagels, wholegrain cereals, and muesli mixes, as well as raw whole grain materials such as whole oats, linseed and other grains and seeds that can be added atop cereals and into smoothies[2].
  • Lean Protein: Including eggs, lean meat, legumes and nuts as well as plant-based protein such as spinach[3].
  • Low-fat Dairy: Milk, plain or low-sugar yoghurts and cheese such as low-fat cottage cheese. [these ingredients also provide a hit of protein and calcium important for a balanced diet][4]
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Including fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and 100% juice drinks without added sugar[5].

Together, these ingredients ensure a meal rich in complex carbohydrates, fibre, protein, and good fats – when combined these elements create a morning meal sure to keep you full right through until lunchtime.

Tips for fitting in a healthy breakfast

Now you know what’s required to create a wholesome and filling breakfast, but how can you save time and ensure you don’t ever miss breakfast again?

  • Pre-plan: Planning your breakfast meals ahead of time can save you more time than you realise (and save you money too!). By shopping for fresh and nutritious ingredients ahead of the week to have them ready to go can make meal prep easy and fuss-free! It also takes the guess work out of your morning.
  • Prepare ahead of time: Think about what you want to eat in the morning and prepare it the night before! Pre-cook an omelette to avoid the hassle of clean-up in the morning, simply heat up and go. Or, the breakfast sensation taking off amongst professionals and the time poor alike, overnight oats! Simply prepare them in a takeaway jar the night before and by morning they will be soft and ready to eat on the go. It’s a simple as that.

The easiest, grab-and-go nutritious breakfast: Overnight Oats Recipe

You didn’t think we would leave you without a quick and easy recipe, did you?

@TheFitFeast shared their go to recipe for delicious and nutritious overnight oats. Make the night before, then take with you on your morning commute! And better yet, this recipe contains every element of a balanced and nutritious breakfast to kick-start your day.

Go-to Overnight Oats

Simply place into a takeaway container/jar the following ingredients:

Hint: make it in the jar/container you intend to eat from the next morning, so no transferring is required!

Mix all ingredients together well, put a cover on the jar/container and pop it in the fridge to set overnight.

In the morning @thefitfeast likes to top their overnight oats with cinnamon, honey and 1tsp of peanut butter before running out the door. Enjoy! 

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