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Backyard Cricket Essentials from an Australian Cricketing Champion

Darcie Brown Backyard Cricket

As the sun shines, the weather warms and Australians begin to brace for the summer heat, it’s time to dust off the old cricket bat for a spot of backyard cricket. 

It’s a much-loved Australian pastime – and every family has their own spin on the rules. One hand one bounce, wheelie bins for wickets, Grandpa takes his proud place as the ever-watchful umpire…it’s the perfect activity for a sunny afternoon with friends and family. 

For Australian Women’s Cricket fast bowler Darcie Brown, cricket has always been a big part of her life. So, naturally we wondered, what are Darcie’s go-to essentials for a fun game of backyard cricket?

Darcie’s backyard cricket essentials 

“Cricket is an amazing summer sport, especially when you play with a bunch of your best friends. Whether that’s in the yard or out on an actual oval, it’s a great way to spend a summer’s day. 

My family would play in the front yard with the trampoline put up behind the stumps as the automatic wicketkeeper almost every day after school in the summer. 

The main rules we lived by were if you hit the ball onto the road or over the fence on the full that’s out, as well as if we hit the window on the full you were out too. 

I had some great memories playing out the front, but of course, being a competitive person, I often battled it out with my older brothers…it’s funny to look back at now! 

It helped create a closer bond with my family and it was always an enjoyable cricket season when we played out the front.” – Darcie Brown

How to set up your own game of backyard cricketSet your wicket 

A trampoline makes a brilliant automatic wicketkeeper, but a wheelie bin will do in a pinch for stumps if you don’t have the more official set.

Set the boundaries 

In every home, there will undoubtedly be some “no go” zones – the last thing you want is the ball going onto the neighbours’ roof or whacking into the living room window! 

If you want to be even more official, you can set areas that are an automatic 4 or 6 runs – this is particularly good if you’re playing in a bigger space like the local oval or on the beach. 

Get your ball 

For those who don’t have a proper cricket ball handy, a tennis ball works well. You can even tape up one side to add a bit of spin!

Pick your team 

Whether it’s a small group or a big party, gather your friends and team up into two sides to take turns batting and bowling. 

Choose an official score-keeper and umpire

In every game, someone has to keep an eye on the prize! Picking an official umpire and scorekeeper will help you to keep track. 

Let the games begin!

Nothing left to do now but get in the game, and let the best team win!

Fuel up for the game

Even official cricket games have their morning and afternoon teas, so why not in your backyard cricket game as well!

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