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6 Easy Yet Extravagant Christmas Desserts to Try This Festive Season

Image via Taste

There is nothing quite like presenting an awe-inspiring dessert to your family on Christmas day. Some would argue it’s the star of Christmas lunch or dinner!

However, you don’t need to slave over your dessert for hours the night before Christmas to make a showstopper that tastes as good as it looks.

Convenience is key, using simple fresh flavours that will have your guests asking for the recipe! All whilst keeping it simple and fuss-free on the day, leaving you free to enjoy time with your loved ones as well.

This year, we have rounded up our favourite fuss-free, delicious and incredibly impressive desserts that are bound to become the talk of Christmas for years to come.

  1. Lemon Curd & Yoghurt Fool

Image via Good Food

Serving individual desserts is a fantastic way to create a visual spectacle to delight your guests, and pre-dishing desserts in advance helps make serving a breeze!

This recipe is a combination of only 5 ingredients. Simply layer tart lemon curd, raspberries and fresh Greek style yoghurt such as Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yoghurt for a flavoursome dessert that looks as pretty as a picture.

Click here to visit Good Food to view the Lemon Curd and Yoghurt Fool recipe

Recipe via Good Food

  1. Christmas Tree Cookie Stack

Image via Taste

Christmas table lacking some excitement? Why not decorate with this impressive Christmas tree that you can eat!

Made in 6 easy steps, this Christmas tree stack is made from star shaped shortbread that’s easy and fun to make. Get to kids involved to help with icing and decorating the cookies and you have an afternoon of fun as well as a beautiful table centrepiece.

Fantastic shortbread recipes always include an equally fantastic butter – check out our 100% organic butter here.

Click here to visit Taste to view the Christmas Tree Cookie Stack recipe

Recipe via Taste

  1. Vanilla Yoghurt Trifle

Image via Queen

Easy is an understatement for this dessert! No cooking, no decorating, and no mucking around. Just a delicious tasting, easy on the eye dessert that’s full of seasonal ingredients and Christmas favourites.

But, this trifle is not just any trifle, it’s a modern twist of the family favourite made with thick and creamy Greek yoghurt such as Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yoghurt made with real vanilla bean. Give your trifle a Vanilla twist and one that’s easier on the waistline too!

Click here to visit Queen to view the Vanilla Yoghurt Trifle recipe

Recipe via Queen

  1. Ginger Cream Biscuit Log

Image via Taste

If you love a classic ripple cake, then you’re going to love this new take on a family classic. Another no-cook dessert that promises to taste just as good as it looks.

Featuring only a handful of ingredients, this recipe can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until serving time saving you time and effort of Christmas morning meaning you get to spend more time opening presents.

Click here to visit Taste to view the Ginger Cream Biscuit Log

Recipe via Taste

  1. Golden Gaytime Trifle

Image via Taste

Do you have a household full of chocolate lovers and looking for something a little more indulgent? Why not try this version of the family favourite trifle laced with Golden Gaytime ice cream, custard and butterscotch… what’s not to love?

An added bonus, without the need to set a jelly layer it’s as simple as layering each indulgent ingredient and stowing it away in the fridge ready for serving the following day. We love a good recipe that can be prepped the night before!

Click here to visit Taste to view the Golden Gaytime Trifle

Recipe via Taste

  1. Cheat’s Christmas Shortbread

Image via Best Recipes

Shortbread is synonymous with Christmas – it’s the perfect treat that’s never far from reach when the family come around and what’s better than homemade shortbread?

Have no fear, it’s easier than you might think! Made with only 4 simple ingredients, it’s the ultimate cheat’s treat for you and your family to enjoy this Christmas.

Start with a delicious Aussie butter such as the Paris Creek Farms Bio-dynamic Fresh Unsalted Butter and you’re already halfway there!

Click here to visit Best Recipes to view the Cheat’s Christmas Shortbread

Recipe via Best Recipes  

We hope you enjoy making these 6 simple, yet beautiful recipes this Christmas. The joy of Christmas is always spending quality time with our friends and family, therefore keeping it simple in the kitchen is always a good idea.

Click here to view our full range of bio-dynamic organic dairy goodies to use in your recipe creations this year and from all of us at Paris Creek Farms have a very Merry Christmas!

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