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Darcie Brown, Australian Women’s Cricket Team Fast Bowler, and Paris Creek Farms Brand Ambassador

Paris Creek Farms ambassador Darcie Brown is a promising young women’s cricket star, currently a fast bowler for the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. At the age of 18, Darcie has already amassed a long resume playing for South Australian, interstate, and national teams. Darcie is a passionate athlete with a promising future, recently experiencing a career-defining moment competing in the Australian Women’s Cricket Team at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, winning Gold for Australia.

Since graduating from school, Darcie splits her time between the Australian Women’s Cricket Team, Adelaide Strikers, South Australian Scorpions & Northern District Jets.

Darcie describes herself as “A pretty laid-back character that isn’t fussed by much and tries to live life to the fullest”. As a child, Darcie, who grew up in the South Australian country town of Kapunda, always aspired to become an athlete of some kind. As a naturally athletically gifted child, Darcie was always encouraged to play sport and was inspired by her family and their love of sport as well as her childhood netball team in Kapunda. Darcie recalls playing cricket out the front of her childhood home with her whole family after school on a hot summer afternoon, only stopping once a competitive tiff erupted or it became too dark to play.

Darcie’s love of cricket was sparked through playing backyard cricket with her dad and older brothers “Playing in the back yard with my older brothers and dad was a way to spend quality time with them” says Darcie joyfully. At a very young age, Darcie started learning the basics of cricket in the Milo Cricket program, moving into playing competitively at around 10 years old. “Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing any sport I can, and I am lucky enough to have a family that is sports mad too!” says Darcie.

At the ripe old age of 16, Darcie’s professional cricket career took off when she was contracted by the SA Scorpions in 2019. Since then, Darcie has gone from strength to strength in her professional career. Some of Darcie’s most memorable career highlights include playing for the Adelaide Strikers (her favourite team to watch growing up), as well as the Australian Women’s Cricket team, winning the 50 Over World Cup and perhaps most notably, competing at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, winning Gold for Australia!

Darcie isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, behind her laid-back façade is a fiercely competitive athlete with huge ambitions, “I aspire to continue the Australian Women’s Cricket teams’ successful legacy and become one of the fastest bowlers to play the game, I’m passionate about growing women’s cricket globally.” Says Darcie.

Outside of her flourishing professional career, Darcie enjoys watching all kinds of sports, never missing a game by any Adelaide cricket team – the Aussie national cricket team as well as local netball and basketball games. Darcie is passionate about her health and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the environment around us. “Health is important to me as if you are not looking after your body, you will not be getting the most out of it. It can be the difference between your team winning or losing a big game and having a long, injury free career.” Says Darcie.

As an experienced traveller, having travelled extensively for many state, interstate, and international games Darcie has experienced the best the environment has to offer and wants to ensure she is doing her part to protect it for future generations to come. “I have travelled around rural SA to some of the most beautiful places and by choosing to be sustainable where possible, we can ensure we keep those places just as beautiful for years to come.” Says Darcie.

Darcie is health obsessed when it comes to training and gamedays and ensuring she is living as sustainably as possible. Darcie enjoys cooking and eating a range of meals that keep her at the top of her game. “My favourite meals are pasta; Mum’s Christmas potato bake or a cold berry smoothie on a hot day. My go-to smoothie recipe includes frozen berries, Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt, milk, ice, and water, it’s the perfect pre-training energy booster!”

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Where possible, Darcie likes to eat organic, ensuring the products she is consuming are not only better for you but also our planet. “You know there are no nasties going into your body and therefore you know you are preparing your body right to perform at its best, I love the various choices of bio-dynamic organic dairy products that Paris Creek Farms offers. I also love how they care so much about what is going into the consumer’s body, they also care enormously about the environment and as a bonus, it tastes great!” explains Darcie.

We are excited to bring you more recipes, healthy lifestyle and sports inspiration from Darcie Brown as Paris Creek Farms official Brand Ambassador, and congratulate her and the Australian Women’s Cricket team for winning Gold for Australia at the 2022 Commonwealth games!

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